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ETC Corner is a member only section designated for registered businesses in Pierce County with Employee Transportation Coordinators (ETCs).  It provides useful tools to assist ETCs with their Commute Options program; promoting ridesharing, offering transportation benefits to the employees at their worksites, downloading and disseminating important commute information, and more.


How do I become an ETC and join the ETC Corner you’re wondering? Visit the Employer Services section for an overview on the programs Pierce Trips offers. If you think your business could benefit from starting up an Employee Commute Options Program contact Pierce Transit at 253.581.8008 or by email.


Kristine Grant, ETC

Dan Fitch, Co-ETC

Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community


Already an ETC and just logged in? Transportation information is now right at your finger tips! If you click ETC Corner on the left hand tool bar you will see all the ETC assistance available to you!


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