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This year long campaign, gives you chances to win each quarter, just for choosing alternatives to driving alone to work!

So, how do you Relax during your work week?
How about relaxing to and from work by letting someone else do the driving? Wouldn't it be relaxing to walk, bike, ride the bus or train to work, ride in a carpool or vanpool, work from home (telework) or even work a compressed work week schedule? To get started, register as a participant and track your trips on the Pierce Trips Online Commute Calendar. Every workday you choose one of these relaxing alternatives, gets you closer to a chance to win a relaxing prize.  As your days add up, you earn more chances to win great quarterly prize!  Only employees commuting to an employment site located in Pierce County are eligible for Relax Rewards.

Track your trips on the Pierce Trips Online Commute Calendar. Click here to view the current list of winners.

Here's what registered participants could win...


*Relax Reward winners will receive a QuickGifts Gift Card.  So when you win, you can choose your own favorite way to Relax!

Second Chance Drawing

Beginning January 2010 every partnering company will have a chance to have a guaranteed winner at their worksite.  If your company does not have a winner in the Whimsy, Wish or Dream level prize drawings, there will be a second chance drawing.  To be eligible, partnering companies must have at least 5 participants with 24+ smart commute days during the quarter. Click here to find out how to partner and see a list of partnering employers.

Relax Rewards Rules

  • You must commute to a worksite located in Pierce County.
  • You must submit a monthly Pierce Trips commute calendar.  An online calendar is available at or check with your Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC)
  • Participants can only win one prize per quarter.
  • Quarterly top prizes will be drawn first.  Any individual not winning in their highest level achieved will automatically be progressively entered into lower prize levels and become eligible for prizes at those levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I count carpooling with my family?

A. Yes, as long as the riders are at least 16 years old and you share 50%, or more of the commute length together.

Q. What if I use more than one commute mode?

A. On your commute calendar, log the mode you used for the longest portion of your trip.  To count as an eligible Relax Rewards trip, you need to use a smart commute mode for at least 50% of your trip.

Q. What is the due date for submitting my monthly trip information by?

A. Unless specified by your ETC, log your trip data by the 5th of the following month.

Q. Can I begin participating in Relax Rewards any time during the year?

A. Yes, you can begin the program any month during the year.


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