Bicycle Maps & Route Planning

Pierce County Bike Map

View and print sections of the Pierce County Bike Map or find a nearby location to pick-up a free copy.

Tacoma Pierce County Health Department’s Walking Guide

With great maps, trail highlights and terrain and surface descriptions, the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department’s Walking Guide isn’t just for pedestrians. Check it out and learn about trails and parks you may not be familiar with. You may even be able to incorporate some of them into your normal commute route.

Washington State Bike and Pedestrian Maps

The Washington Department of Transportation offers a comprehensive list of bicycle and pedestrian maps throughout the state.

Route Planning

Issues such as terrain, traffic and bike facilities all influence the best routes to ride and different types of cyclists require different routes. While no perfect A to B route planning tool exists for cyclists in Pierce County, there are a few options that can help you choose your route.

Your best bet may be asking other cyclists for advice. Friends, neighbors and co-workers who bicycle often can provide tips that take into account the variety of factors that influence route choice. If your worksite has an Employee Transportation Coordinator, ask them for advice. He or she may know about bike routes near your worksite or be able to connect you to coworkers who also bicycle.

Another option is to try finding a Bike Buddy through