Bicycle Parking

General Parking Guidelines
When parking your bicycle, be courteous. Use dedicated bicycle parking if available and be careful not to impede the mobility of other users.

Please refrain from locking your bike to a tree because bike locks and bikes can damage the bark and sensitive cambium layer (the living part of the tree just underneath the bark) of the tree. Please use bike racks and other street amenities designed for the safekeeping of your bike in-lieu of damaging a vital part of our living urban environment.
If you bike to a location that does not have appropriate bicycle parking, consider letting the business owner or agency know.
Locking your bike when you leave it unattended helps reduce the likelihood of theft.
  • Research different types of bike locks and choose a lock that will deter theft and cannot be easily cut.
  • Make sure you are using your lock correctly.
  • Many bicycles are stolen out of yards or off porches. Ensure that you store your bike securely even at home.
Bikes & Bus Stops
Please don’t lock your bike to a bus stop post. Bus operators use the posts to know where to stop. A locked bike can interfere with boarding and deboarding of passengers.
Bike Lockers
Bike lockers are a great way to keep your bike safe and secure if you decide to leave it behind when you catch the bus! For a $50 deposit and $10 per month rental fee, you can be sure your faithful friend will be there to greet you on your return, unaffected by rain, snow - or worse. Call 253.581.8000 for details.

Bike Cages in Downtown Tacoma
Secure, covered bike parking is now available at two downtown locations! Check out the new bike cage at:
Pacific Plaza Parking Garage
1250 Pacific Ave.
2nd floor
(Enter on Commerce Street)

You’ll find another bike cage at:
Park Plaza North Garage
923 Commerce St.
5th Floor (near the sky bridge)

The rental fee is $8 per quarter or $25 per year. Download the waiver from Downtown On The Go! to receive the security code.

Bike Parking at Work
Some employers offer showers or bike parking facilities for employees. If you have questions about bicycle amenities available at your place of work, contact your Employee Transportation Coordinator.