Our Services

We work with businesses to offer support to employees who want to take advantage of commute options, and provide employers with valuable tools to promote worksite transportation programs.

Custom Support

Our Employer Services staff provides customized support to develop and implement your transportation program. In addition to the services below, we are happy to discuss customized tools to make your program as effective as possible.

Employee Meetings

An Employer Services Coordinator can meet with your business to develop a transportation program and discuss benefits and savings. A coordinator can also present at a staff meeting, and provide support to your Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC).

Marketing Materials

Pierce Trips can provide you with marketing materials and commute information (like brochures, posters, emails, and schedules) to distribute at your workplace.


We’ll provide you with the tools to survey your employees with easy online or paper forms to identify which commute options make the most sense for your employees. We can use the information to help find ways to encourage employees to use commute options. 

Transportation Fairs

If you have a benefits fair, new hire fair or other employee events, Pierce Trips can team up with your staff to present commute options information. 

ETC Training

We’ll help you designate an Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) at your worksite to be the point of contact between your employees and the Pierce Trips team. In addition to offering annual training, we’ll provide ongoing support to the ETC so that your workplace transportation program runs smoothly.