Milestone Rewards


If you are already logging your smart trips on, you are likely on your way to earning a Milestone Reward of $5, $20 or $25. 

So, what does that mean for me? 

You will have until Tuesday, January 7 to log your smart trips that will count toward a Milestone Reward.

I already logged my trips but haven't received my reward yet! 

It could be one of two reasons:

  1. Pierce Trips is currently replenishing their "prize buckets" for one last hurrah. Your reward entry has been received and will be fulfilled.

  2. Have you checked the eligibility boxes on your profile? You must be at least 18 years old and live or work in Pierce County to qualify for Pierce Trips rewards. You can review this profile setting under "Account."

Eligibility Requirements

Will I ever win anything again?!

Yes! Pierce Trips will still be hosting a variety of campaigns throughout the year in which you can win rewards, such as Bike Month in May and Wheel Options in October. To learn more about other ways to win, visit 

Take Your Smart Trips to the Next Level!

Milestone Rewards is the new way to win prizes by logging your trips on the Pierce Trips Calendar!

How It Works

1. Opt for a smart trip instead of driving alone. Anywhere you go counts as a smart, store, the game & more!

2. Log your smart trips at
Login or signup for our online calendar. As a participant of the Pierce Trips Calendar, any trip you log counts toward your Milestone Rewards!

3. Reach new levels, see savings & win prizes. Each time you level up, your prize is sent straight to your email! Keep logging--your trips many also make you eligible for other fun campaigns throughout the year.
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Participants are awarded by meeting the criteria above
Level Number of Trips Logged
Casual Commuter 150 trips $5 e-gift card
Wayfinding Warrior 300 trips $20 e-gift card
Road Royalty 400+ trips $25 e-gift card


Participants must live or work in Pierce County and be 18 years or older to participate in Milestone Rewards.

*Note: Only one email account per person is valid. Participants can win each level only once per year.
Trips that are taken using a smart transportation option qualify as a trip toward each milestone level. One-way trips count as one trip and round trips count as two trips when logging on the calendar. Qualifying modes include bike walk, carpool, vanpool, bus, Sounder Train, compressed workweek and telecommute.