Dane G.

Dane smart commuter

Name: Dane G.

Occupation: Customer Service Representative at Pierce Transit

Gets around by:  Bus

Live: Olympia

Work: Tacoma

Get there: I usually bus on the express from Olympia, have been since September when I started the job.

How it adds up: I don’t have a driver’s license but haven’t needed to pursue one as transit is so well covered in this region that I can get by just fine without it and not have to worry about the cost of car maintenance and insurance.

I enjoy all the spare time I have to read, listen to music, and watch the road go by, especially when we pass the Nisqually Nature Preserve.

Tips: Riding the bus is a pleasant experience overall, and if you leave around the same time every day, you start getting to know your drivers and some of the passengers who are commuting just like you are. It makes it feel so much more personable, and you get to just relax and let the wheels take you where you need to go without the hassle of driving through traffic and dealing with other drivers.