Basic Employee Transportation Coordinator Training

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Welcome to Basic Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETCs) training. This training is designed to provide you with a quick introduction to the tools you need to develop, support, and promote a commute options program. Or you can watch just one topic as a refresher. You can follow along with the voice scripts and keep your notes in one place. Just download a copy of the script and save it to your computer.

All ETCs are required to watch each video module at least once. Pierce Trips will notify you when new video modules are added to the library.
Co-ETCs, committee members, managers or anyone assisting with the program can watch the videos on our YouTube page.

Your Pierce Trips team is available to meet with you to cover a topic more in depth and answer your questions. Let us know if there is a subject you would like to have covered in a video. Your feedback is important to us.

If the videos are not loading, please try viewing the videos on our YouTube page.

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Completion Form

To receive credit for completing the training, please complete the Basic ETC Training Completion form. You may complete the form once after you have watched all the videos or complete the form several times as you go along.