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Employer Feedback on Telework Consultant Services Form

  1. Employer Feedback on Telework Consultant Services

    Thank you for taking advantage of the Pierce Trips telework services. Pierce Trips values your feedback concerning your experience using telework consultant services and how those services were delivered by the consultant. We will use your feedback to tailor any future service offerings. 

    In Section 1, please respond about the actual services made available through this program.

    In Section 2, please respond about how the consultant provided the service and on the level of assistance.

    In Section 3, please respond about any future service offerings. 

    Please feel free to contact Pierce Trips staff about your experience: Debbie Germer: (253) 798-3556,

    Thank you!

  2. Section 1: Provide feedback on the type of services offered.
  3. Which services did you receive? Check all that apply.*
  4. Overall, how satisfied were you with the available telework services (menu of items)?*
  5. Section 2: Provide feedback on how the consultant delivered on the services.
  6. Overall, how satisfied were about the way the consultant delivered the services?*
  7. Was the consultant knowledgeable and capable at providing telework services? *
  8. Please pass along my feedback to the consultant.
  9. Section 3: Provide feedback on future service offerings.
  10. What other types of commute options services would interest you? Check all that apply.
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