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Telework Survey Set-up Request Form

  1. Telework Employee Survey Question Library
    Are you wondering how your employees are doing since working from home? Or how they feel about returning back to the office? Begin by selecting the questions that address your concerns. Your Pierce Trips team will build the survey for you in SurveyMonkey. We will email you the survey link and you can provide the link to your employees. Depending on the questions you select, we will use skip logic. For example, if the respondent is not a supervisor, then skip logic will be used to skip those questions. If you have questions, please contact: Laura Svancarek at 253.252.6638 or Debbie Germer at 253.798.3556.
  2. Directions:

    Please refer to the Telework Employee Survey Question Library Excel file for the questions. Each tab in the Excel file represents a different topic. Below, select the questions you would like included in your employee survey by topic.

    You can also copy paste the Question Library URL into your browser:

  3. Topic: General Demographics and Well-being
  4. Topic: Works Satisfaction
  5. Topic: Productivity
  6. Topic: Supervision-Employee View
  7. Topic: Supervision of Employees
  8. Topic: Training
  9. Topic: Future
  10. Topic: Workspace
  11. Topic: Closing
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