CTR Annual Program Form - Voluntary and Alternate Sites

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The purpose of this survey is to document your employers' CTR efforts that took place in 2019. Information you provide in this annual survey and past quarterly reports will be used to determine your score in the annual Best Commuter Business Leadership Program.
The Best Commuter Business Leadership Program (debuting January 2020) provides employers with the opportunity to attain certification as a Gold, Silver or Bronze Best Commuter Business. Leadership will be recognized for excellence in employer engagement, strategies and performance toward increasing the non-drive alone travel rate of their employees. Based on responses in the quarterly and annual program reports, Pierce Trips will evaluate and score each employer based on Programming and Engagement. Top scoring employers will be presented a leadership certification in early 2020.
Awards are based on points earned in programming and engagement. Achievement level and points are as follows: Gold 31+, Silver 26-31, Bronze 21-25.

To learn more about the Best Commuter Business program, visit www.PierceTrips.com/BCB.
If appropriate, let us know who in your company assisted with your efforts.
PROGRAMMING (20 points)
Did you or your employer provide, or participate in any of the Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) programs below this past year? Please click the appropriate circle.
ENGAGEMENT (20 points)
Engagement points can be earned by the ETC, Co-ETC, or committee member for submitting reports by due date, attending a network/event/training, hosting a transportation fair, etc. These efforts should have already been documented on your quarterly reports.

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